A serialized Morality Tale debut.
The fictional Tale is set in the mountain hamlet of Vulture Gulch.
Today we introduce some of the characters in our little story:

DARLENE EASTER, the protagonist of our morality tale, a failed nursing student, now the insipid City Manager of Vulture Gulch, and relative to many in our cast.

SLIM GAUZE, intrepid City Attorney, and virtual side-kick to Darlene Easter. Rumors of an “improper relationship” swirl around this duo.

PREYING MANTIS, developer and, according to Manager Easter, Savior to Vulture Gulch. Preying Mantis currently is extracting a lucrative income stream from the unsuspecting citizens of Vulture Gulch disguised as the “development at Symbol Peninsula.”

ROBERT PAWN, a ghost in our story. The spirit of Robert Pawn reaches beyond the grave to carry out his duties as a Deputy at the State Department of Finance to approve multimillion dollar tax funded projects at the behest of City Manager Darlene Easter and Slim Gauze.

ROCHELLE’ FRACKINS, Election Commission Administrator, sister of Vulture Gulch Commissioner Moist Frackins, and aunt to Derek Frackins Vulture Gulch Assistant City Manager.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. This is beautiful, A masterpiece oh the memories. A True Red Blooded American Epic. To be continued!, “Never let anyone make you disbelieve in there Inhumanity”.

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